Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welcome to Nath in the City!

Hello. Thought I'd better explain a bit about me. My name is Nathan. Well, it isn't, but I'd always wanted to be one. I'm 23. I live in one of the big towns in the south of England, populated by no good nightlife, lots of chavs, and I moved here by choice about hm, 5 months ago now. I work in an office, telephone based stuff.

Currently single, having not met anyone outside of work really. As much of a fan of sex I am, I'm of the belief that one-nighters are a bit shit really. Not because it's sleeping around, but just that the sex is rarely good!

I'm complicated in the bedroom, and have many things that make me tick, which I'm sure you'll discover along the course of time. So being a single man, I guess this blog will cover three aspects of my sex life. Past experiences, new ones I may find myself in, and any sort of fantasies I guess I might have by myself.

In the immortal words of Samuel L -

Stay cool,
Nath x

Fact is, you've probably come here from me commenting on one of your blogs, if so, thanks for stopping by, and every man loves a good comment!

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