Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to tell if you're going through a sexual drought.

So. It's 1:39 am right now. Having cum once, I'm on the internets still looking for that fix.
Worst thing is I was out tonight at a band night, and at one point during the night I realised I'd shag anything that walked in there. Well, apart from the truly horrific girl.

I mentioned to a friend that the girl playing the flute was particularly hot. He said he didn't think so at all, and indeed seemed put off by the idea of her. Am I being way too UNchoosy? I know I've had a lot of low self esteem issues where women are concerned (I'm happy with me, women generally aren't etc.) and so maybe this equates to liking everything in a skirt - literally.

Maybe I should post cock shots to boost my ego like every other deprived guy on the internet. Or maybe I should just stick to what I do now - porn.

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