Sunday, October 26, 2008

An update!

How have I not updated this in so long? The shame!

However, it's because I've been busy. Having sex! Well, once. And then a whole WORLD of confusion.

However, that once was pretty fucking awesome.

I hope you'll await the next post with details with orgasm making at the ready!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to tell if you're going through a sexual drought.

So. It's 1:39 am right now. Having cum once, I'm on the internets still looking for that fix.
Worst thing is I was out tonight at a band night, and at one point during the night I realised I'd shag anything that walked in there. Well, apart from the truly horrific girl.

I mentioned to a friend that the girl playing the flute was particularly hot. He said he didn't think so at all, and indeed seemed put off by the idea of her. Am I being way too UNchoosy? I know I've had a lot of low self esteem issues where women are concerned (I'm happy with me, women generally aren't etc.) and so maybe this equates to liking everything in a skirt - literally.

Maybe I should post cock shots to boost my ego like every other deprived guy on the internet. Or maybe I should just stick to what I do now - porn.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

An interesting day...

So, a very interesting day. Work drama aside, a chat with a friend on mine today brought back some wonderful (and bloody hot!) memories for me. Was a gorgeous day here today, sun shining, pint of cider and some cigarettes and I was laughing!

Was talking about days gone by when I remembered S, a little scottish cutie I used to date when I stayed up there for a while, and oh my god how I remember it like it was yesterday.

See, when I met the girl she was practically a virgin (penetration, not to anyone's climax) so I expected out first time to be a slightly awkward affair. Noooooo, this was not to be the case.

I proper put on the charm, some sexy music (I still remember, it was Bjork, followed by NIN), candles, smelly things, and a warm rug on the floor. And so after some foreplay for her, I went missionary and went for it.

Everyone's first time was missionary, right? Mine very almost wasnt, but I digress...

S fucked like a pro! She had such a slim, tiny body, auburny kinda hair with an almost purpley shine to it that stretched down to her cute little bum, she was far and beyond the sexiest woman I've been with. So we fucked for the rest of the night, and a good time was had by all.

But then in sessions afterwards, I noticed that this girl knew what she was doing. She was taking my underwear off with her feet, teeth, anything. She'd surprise my by coming back into the room in a sexy little chinese dress with nothing on underneath, and one day, she decided to completely deep throat me, the only woman ever able to do so.

When she did I said "When the fuck did you learn to do that?" She replied "I've been practicing"

You know you're in love when a woman learns to shove 9" of plastic down her throat for you.

Nath x

Saturday, September 27, 2008

First post - old and good times

(Just a quick note, feel free to email me at

So, the whole reason I decided to start this blog today, is because I've had a lot of bad sex recently.
Well, not a lot of sex, but just that any I've had has been bad. Then I realised I hadn't had good sex for over 2 years. That was a bit of a shocker! So instead of relying on pure fantasy, I decided to try and remember some of the best experiences I've had, and this has to be one of them.

Used to date a girl when I was 16 called K. She was a cute little blonde, almost my height, so fairly tall for a girl, and with these amazing little perky tits. I'd started my sex life very young indeed and was fairly experienced by this point, with K and me experimenting a lot with eachother through rudimentary sex toys, trying anal, and even the beginnings of bondage play (just a little bit of tying up and spanking at this point)

I remember the best time with K had to be when we went away for the weekend, with K's mum to a family friend's house. This house was in the middle of nowhere, and had a huge number of bedrooms, sauna, jacuzzi's, and indeed a private swimming pool. So I remember we were sat eating some lunch round the table, and someone made the suggestion that me and K should get into our swimwear, and go and sit in a jacuzzi together. This completely befuddled me at the time, as surely no parent wants to think about their precious daughter being almost naked with someone in the same house as them!

Either way, we took them up on their advice, as a slipped a condom into my shorts while getting changed. Turns out I wouldn't even need it. So me and K fill the bath up, filled with a little excitement neither of us having used a jacuzzi before. We found the button to make the bubbles and left it on, sliding into it together. And so we relaxed for a while, and talked a bit. Did some bubbles and generally did what 16 year old kids did.

Then I feel her hand going up my leg. Now at 16 whenever in the company of a girl I found it impossible to not have a hard on, even now I still get them pretty easily. So she slid her hand up my trousers and found my cock, hard and raring to go. Being on a handy seat type thing at the end, it worked out so my dick poked out of the water by a good length, so almost immediately, K dove in, got on her knees and with one hand under the water on my shaft working me over slowly, and started licking my head back and forth with her tongue. This turned into one of the most amazing blowjobs I've ever had, because although it was in slow motion, it felt so intense, and so wet, and covered me completely.

Just as I was getting close, she stopped. This completely threw me, and she simply said "No, you can make me cum first". Now generally, I didn't play along with demands like that, but I wanted to get some of my own back, and decided to do some teasing of my own. This involved slowly running my fingers around her thighs, stomach, breasts while she sat down on the seat at the edge of the jacuzzi. Eventually, I worked this up to rubbing her through her bathing suit. She wasn't a bikini girl, so had a navy blue simple bathing suit on, that obviously felt amazing to her as I rubbed her clit through it. Eventually, I pulled the material aside and slowly sank my fingers into her. Making care to move slowly down there, I made sure my tongue spent it's time between her amazingly perky nipples, and her neck where she loved to be nibbled.

After a while of this, her breathing gets hot, and she says to me she's going to cum. Then there's a knock on the door. Apparently we left the bubble-maker switch on too long, and the noise had been pissing off everyone downstairs. This completely set her back to zero, nothing like your mum moaning at your when you're about to cum, so she set back to work on me, again stopping before she'd let me cum. Next time I played with her, there was no knock at the door, but less to hide the noise so all I got was this high pitched, yet whispery squeal in my ear, as well as some pretty big leg spasms, so I'm guessing she enjoyed it.

Now, finally it was my turn. She composed herself, and started working me over, and then told me to stand up so she could go down a little deeper on me, and sucked, licking up and down my shaft every so often. I was so close to cumming when she stopped and told me to make her cum again. It was too late for that this time, so I grabbed her by the hair, shoved my cock as far down her mouth as I could without gagging her, and exploded.

And she drank every last drop.

There was more to the weekend as well of course, but that one stood out because it's not often I deny myself cumming, and that was particularly good. Leave a comment if you need anymore details, or send me an email at

Welcome to Nath in the City!

Hello. Thought I'd better explain a bit about me. My name is Nathan. Well, it isn't, but I'd always wanted to be one. I'm 23. I live in one of the big towns in the south of England, populated by no good nightlife, lots of chavs, and I moved here by choice about hm, 5 months ago now. I work in an office, telephone based stuff.

Currently single, having not met anyone outside of work really. As much of a fan of sex I am, I'm of the belief that one-nighters are a bit shit really. Not because it's sleeping around, but just that the sex is rarely good!

I'm complicated in the bedroom, and have many things that make me tick, which I'm sure you'll discover along the course of time. So being a single man, I guess this blog will cover three aspects of my sex life. Past experiences, new ones I may find myself in, and any sort of fantasies I guess I might have by myself.

In the immortal words of Samuel L -

Stay cool,
Nath x

Fact is, you've probably come here from me commenting on one of your blogs, if so, thanks for stopping by, and every man loves a good comment!